How to install Sitecore XP 9.2

There are multiple architectures that one can use to install Sitecore on a particular machine. Typically, XP0 is used for a developer machine, and this post will walk you through it.

Hardware Requirements

  • 4 core processor machines.
  • 16 GB of RAM.
  • The harddisk requirement is base on your project size. I personally recommend having at least 50 GB space.

Software Requirements

So far, a lot of blogs already exist explaining the steps for installing Sitecore XP with a different version on the internet. But I have combined all the installation steps in PowerShell scripts so as to remove all the manual efforts.

Steps for making a Developer Machine are –

    1. Install IIS
      • The easy way, use PowerShell script, download install_iis.ps1, and install_choco.ps1. Create a directory Utilities in C drive and place both the file in the location, run the script for choco first and IIS next.

    2. Install SQL Server
      • Download the latest SQL Developer Version iso of the server and place in the same location Utilities, now download install_sql.ps1 and place in the same location and run it.

    3. Install SOLR
      • Download and Install the latest JRE on your machine.
      • To install a SOLR server for Sitecore download the PSService.ps1, Sitecore_9_solrssl.ps1, and install_solr.ps1 in the same location C:\Utilities
      • Download and store solr 7.5 zip in the same location.
      • You may have to update the keytool path in Sitecore_9_solrssl.ps1, at line number 38.
      • Now run the install_solr.ps1

    4. Install Sitecore XP
        • Before executing the Sitecore XP installation we have to Enable Contained Database Authentication download and execute the below script.

        • Download the Package of Sitecore XP and extract everything at the root of C:\Utilities, again extract the XP0 Configuration files 9.2.0 rev. in the same location.
        • You have to place your license file inside C:\Utilities as well. Now update your XP0-SingleDeveloper.ps1.
        • Run the install_sif_v_210.ps1 so as to install the SIF on your machine.
        • Run the XP0-SingleDeveloper.ps1 and hopefully you will not get any issue in the installation.

Finally –

Comment if you like work or face any issue in using the script. I will try my level best to reply to you back. All the script can be downloaded from the GITHUB repo.

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