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So finally I started working on Python, as the entire IT industry is running in the race of becoming giants in the field of Artificial Intelligence, AI is the most demand tech nowadays.

If you are already familiar with the programming language this blog will help you in quickly understanding and using Python. Python has a lot of flavors, but I am concentrating mainly on CPython which is written on C language. Just to enlist below are the other flavor of Python as well –

  1. CPython – Written on C, its a native implementation.
  2. Jython – Written on Java runs on JVM
  3. IronPython – Written on C# runs on .NET
  4. PyPy – sub-set of RPython runs on native and other

Guido Van Rossum is the creator of Python, and it is developed as an open-source project.

The internal working of Python is the same as that of java the code is written by the developer is converted into bytecode and then run inside the Python Virtual Machine.

Python Program Flow
Python Program Flow

So if you are new and don’t want to install Python on your workstation, you can try out the online tool for Python development as well. https://repl.it/  you just have to sign up for the platform and you are good to go.

Alternative you can download the latest version from Python official site, as per your OS specification. It’s a straight forward installation on Windows and to other platforms as well. I will be mostly using the REPL and windows OS.

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