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Sitecore Experience Marketing :: Taxonomy

A successful digital marketing strategy is a iterative effort. It cannot be achieved in the very first launch of your website. Approach used for marketing strategy is  known as “Crawl > Walk > Run > Fly”. Below are the key marketing feature offered by Sitecore – Content & Asset Management. Analytics. A/B Testing. Multivariate Testing.

What is Sitecore Plumber

The plumber is an application developed using vuejs and it is developed by Erwin Werkman. It’s a very useful tool to see the inside of your Sitecore XC Engine. It enlists all the pipelines in the lexical order. Since it is hosted as a separate web application it’s easier to use. To install and use

How to install Sitecore XP 9.2

There are multiple architectures that one can use to install Sitecore on a particular machine. Typically, XP0 is used for a developer machine, and this post will walk you through it. Hardware Requirements 4 core processor machines. 16 GB of RAM. The harddisk requirement is base on your project size. I personally recommend having at