A journey of my professional career

I started my journey as an IT professional from 30th March 2011. Since then I have seen the transformation of the IT  customers from a basic web application to complex systems, interacting with handheld devices and other applications simultaneously. Who am I?

  • a son,
  • a brother,
  • a student,
  • an employee,
  • a husband,
  • and a father…

But the industry made me a developer, team lead, architect and some time business analyst as well. I am writing blogs since my college days, and as you might have already figured out that I am not that good in writing like professional bloggers, but still the need is fulfilled. I had merged all my blog into this site. These are my learning throughout my professional career.

Please don’t expect that the suggestions/codes which I am posting are going to solve your problem. In fact, these are just paths or directions which can help you to proceed further, of course, if you are very lucky you may reuse everything.